My primary services are Tensegrity Medicine and Bowenwork.

However, I have many tools in my toolbox so may use a combination of craniosacral, acupressure, cupping, intra oral or other types of massage into your session as needed.

Tensegrity Medicine

Tensegrity Medicine is a holistic approach that aims to balance the body’s structure on a 3D level. This is done through assessment with myofascial length testing which shows the greatest points of restriction in the body. These restrictions are treated using various modalities, then more testing is done to assess balance. It is like pulling the tightest thread out of a fabric to get the system to unwind. 

Because Tensegrity Medicine aims to balance the system on a 3 dimensional level, the work tends to last longer due to no oppositional pulls. If the pattern was created by an injury, it might last indefinitely or until the system becomes imbalanced by injury again. 

Clients that benefit the most are people whose structures are out of balance due to accident, injury, or habitual patterns. This can be noticed by unresolved pain that has not responded to other treatments.


Bowenwork is a soft tissue manipulation of the fascial system that affects the nervous, muscular, skeletal and digestive systems. It is a global procedure that releases tension patterns to create a state of balance.

I view Bowenwork as “fascial medicine.”  Because the fascia is everywhere in our bodies and is linked to the brain, this work can help with muscle pain, skeletal issues, digestive issues, nerve impingement, as well as colds, allergies, eye and ear problems.

Nearly everyone can benefit from Bowenwork. Our fascial health keeps us healthy overall. Clients experiencing problems in their muscular, digestive, skeletal or nervous system can benefit from this work.

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